About Us

I have always been interested in rocks and stones, collecting them since childhood.  My original interest came more from the metaphysical properties of the stones rather than the appearance.  Once I started working more with precious and semi precious stones, their natural beauty captivated me.  In 1987, this interest led to starting my own jewelry business, EvenStar Jewelry.

I was encouraged by friends to learn the technique and what materials were needed to create my own designs.  Friends started requesting custom designs and the business took off from there.  I work in the airline industry and many of my customers are airline personnel.  People would come over to me in the crew room, while I was stringing a necklace or bracelet, word spread and orders increased.

My direction has chnaged over the past ten years to precious stones, with a particular focus on wedding sets and custom rings.  It took ten years to build and secure a good contact in the diamond industry.  I offer certified diamonds direct from Israel, at wholesale prices.  A GIA gemologist independently appraises every diamond.  You can also save up to 50% retail from the selections available through the links in my web pages.

I would enjoy working with you to customize any piece of jewelry to your specific needs.  Please feel free to contact me at 1-800-449-2833.  Thank you for visiting my web site.

Scott Donnelly - Flight Attendant